Clostebol Acetate (4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate)

Clostebol Acetate (4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate)

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Our name is counted on the top of the industry as a manufacturer, trader, and exporter of Clostebol Acetate (4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate) powder. This powder is a testosterone derivative that is synthetically produced and injectable form of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). It is administered in the body via intramuscular injection and acts as a prodrug of clostebol in the body. Clostebol Acetate (4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate) powder is used as a performance enhancing drug by athletes and bodybuilders. It is also used medically in the form of ointment and has ophthalmological &dermatological use.



Key Points:


  • Prevents aromatization of testosterone

  • Increased muscle building capacity

  • No known side effects







Clostebol acetate (Turinabol)
Product Name: Clostebol acetate Powder
CAS Registry Number: 855-19-6
EINECS: 212-720-4
Molecular Formula: C21H29ClO3
Molecular Weight: 364.91
Purity: 99%
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance: White cystalline powder

Clostebol acetate Functions & Traits:

  • Clostebol acetate is an anabolic steroid. This is a controlled substance.
  • Clostebol (INN), usually as the ester clostebol acetate or clostebol enanthate, is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Clostebol is the 4-chloro derivative of the natural hormone testosterone.
  • It is a weak anabolic steroid which was used by athletes. It is a version of testosterone that is chlorinated so as to prevent conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) while also rendering the chemical incapable of conversion to estrogen.
  • Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.
  • Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.
  • Androgenic effects include maturation of the sex organs, particularly the penis and the formation of the scrotum in the fetus, and after birth (usually at puberty) a deepening of the voice, growth of the beard and axillary hair. Many of these fall into the category of male secondary sex characteristics.

How to Store?
  • It is recommended to store metribolone at the room temperature below 30 degrees C.
  • Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
  • Do not let the drug at the sight and reach of children.